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Dear friend

My name is Dinara. I love handmade and natural products and I am fond of oils and herbs.
Many years ago I became a vegetarian when working at a yoga studio, did yoga, and was among like-minded people. I started thinking about natural products and a holistic way of living.

When moving to the United States, I had to leave my career at the yoga studio, as well as an optical engineer career. I needed to find a new passion. Meditations and Ayurveda had brought me to soap making. 

Having a long way to healthy and conscious living, I understand from the first hands how important every ingredient that comes into our mouths and penetrates our skin.

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From early childhood, being raised with knowledge of the magical properties of different herbs, and as I follow Ayurvedic practices, I know how powerful and beneficial Nature can be. So I carefully create every recipe, thinking of all the benefits that a soap bar can get. 

Also, I believe in the power of thoughts and words. Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto performed some of the most fascinating experiments on the effect that words have on energy. The liquid changes its structure under the influence of thought and words. Since soap is made of liquid oils and water, this means that it absorbs my every thought, word, and emotion. That is why my soap is charged with the energy of health, wealth, and beauty. You can feel it when using each of my soaps.


I create my vegan soap by hand from start to finish. I create every recipe, cut, pack, label, and ship every soap by myself. I use the cold process method to retain the benefits of the oils and additives.  For oil infusions I always use a deep Ayurvedic method. My soaps are made for different skin types and are very versatile - you can use them as a face, body, hand soap, shampoo or shaving cream for men and women. 

For my recipes I use vegetable oils but not palm oil due to major issues, such as deforestation, habitat degradation, climate change, animal cruelty, etc., that caused by palm oil production. As caring for the planet and people is at the heart of my business. I only use top quality ingredients, fragrance and essential oils.


Since I use natural colorants and do not use any chemical preservatives, the scent and color of your soap may fade away. I make soap in small batches, and each bar of soap is unique, so please allow slight variances in shape, size, scent strength, and color in your finished product. 

Soap needs four to six weeks to be cured. Please keep that in mind when placing a custom order. Yes, I do accept custom orders. Sometimes I say ‘Yes’ to your orders, sometimes I say ‘No’ to them - depending on the order. Please contact me anytime and I will do my best to meet your desires.

Thank you for shopping with me,


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